Location: Sterling, VA

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I am a semiprofessional photographer. I take photographs because I enjoy it and want to share my vision and art. I focus mostly on cosplay and fine art portraiture. I started doing portrait work in 2010 and cosplay photography in 2014, but have been doing photography off for several years before that. A bulk of my cosplay work is done at conventions during 45-minute, one-on-one sessions. I have also worked with the DC (District of Columbia not the comics) Cosplay and Photographer group. I am the founder the the Dayton, Columbus, Cincinnati (DCC) Cosplay Photo Shoots Group. However, I love doing one-on-one shoots either on location or in studio. My photography style leans more towards fashion or fine art portraiture. My goal is to really capture the right light, so the image invokes a feeling or a story, while portraying the essence of the model/cosplay character. I also love to capture movement in my work, especially if the outfit/dress/costume lends itself to movement. So, if you ever work with me don’t be surprised if I tell you to jump, spin, or run. Trust me, the pictures look more natural when the model does the action instead of just holds a pose. Finally, I use a simple set-up most of the time. Usually it is me, my assistant who also happens to be my husband, my camera, and one light light-stand with a flash and umbrella. Currently, I’m based in  Sterling, VA.  Previously, I spent three years in Dayton, Ohio and several years  before that in the Washington, DC area.


Cover Article Feature: Photoshop User (May 2022)

Published: Delicious Dolls Magazine (November 2018); Cosplay Realm Magazine (January 2019 Issue, May 2019 Issue);  Realm Magazine (February 2019 Issue);  Gilded Magazine (May 2019, September 2020);  Jazzy Magazine (May 2019);  Dreamy Magazine (July 2019); CosplayZine (October 2019); Intra Magazine - UK based  (September 2020); Gilded Magazine (September 2020);  26&Beyond (September 2020 - Cover);  Duende Magazine (October 2020) Goji Magazine (October 2020, Issue 4);  Philocaly Mag (November 2020, April 2022); The Portrait Project (February 2021 Vol 2 Issue 25);  Arrow magazine (April 2021 Issue 5); Edith magazine (April 2021 Issue 321, August 2021 Issue ), Swanky (October 2021), Know Magazine (November 2021) Teen Cruze (November 2021) Top Posters (Cover of September 2021, November 2021) Moevir (December 2021)  WHATever (December 2021) Spellbound (April 2022) Vigour (April 2022) RollUp (June 2022) Over (May 2022) Men's Cruze (May 2022), Vigor (August Issue 04, 2022) Edith Magazine (August 2022) GOJI (September 2022)

Gallery Showings: Alexandria Art Show (October 2017)

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So I started in photography in childhood with an extremely featureless point and shoot film camera. I'd like to say I took lots of pictures and eventually got better. In reality, due to the cost of film and the fact that it was generally months before the roll got developed, I took maybe a dozen rolls worth of pictures and they were all worthless. Fast forward maybe two decades when my wife gave me her old Canon Rebel XSI. As a tech geek, it was definitely more entertaining, and I was taking lots of pictures in manual mode for the entertainment value and challenge of playing with a complicated gadget. I replaced the XSI with a Canon 70D about a month before the 7D Mk II was announced… bad timing, right? After upgrading the camera, I started upgrading my lenses from a one size mostly works for most things EF-S 18-200 to some nice L glass. And now that I have lenses that will work on the full frame EF mount cameras, I’ve upgraded to a Canon 5D Mk III. And that kids is the story of how you spend too much money on camera equipment.

TL;DNR: I take pictures, wheeee!