I am a semiprofessional photographer. I take photographs because I enjoy it and want to share my vision and art. This site contains over a 10,000 photographs which document my growth as a photographer and life’s adventures. My photography focuses mostly on portrait and travel photography.   

I was introduced to photography early, thanks to my mother taking a lot of pictures. I started out with a film SLR 35 mm Olympus fill camera, before switching to a digital camera in 2005. Currently I use a Canon 70D and also use a small portable studio for portraits. I am an Ohio native who spent 13 years, living in our nation’s capitol which allowed me to capture a variety of interesting people, sites, and events; recently I have moved back to Ohio. I also have had many opportunities to travel the world, and photograph and discover many different places through my camera lens.  This site lets me share those photos with family, friends and the world.


So I started in photography in childhood with an extremely featureless point and shoot film camera. I'd like to say I took lots of pictures and eventually got better. In reality, due to the cost of film and the fact that it was generally months before the roll got developed, I took maybe a dozen rolls worth of pictures and they were all worthless. Fast forward maybe two decades when my wife gave me her old Canon Rebel XSI. As a tech geek, it was definitely more entertaining, and I was taking lots of pictures in manual mode for the entertainment value and challenge of playing with a complicated gadget. I replaced the XSI with a Canon 70D about a month before the 7D Mk II was announced… bad timing, right? After upgrading the camera, I started upgrading my lenses from a one size mostly works for most things EF-S 18-200 to some nice L glass. And now that I have lenses that will work on the full frame EF mount cameras, I’ve upgraded to a Canon 5D Mk III. And that kids is the story of how you spend too much money on camera equipment.

TL;DNR: I take pictures, wheeee!